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Luxury Home Fragrances & Toiletries

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Annabelle Taix (confirmed customer)
Conditioner South Side Perfumes
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Very satisfied, non-greasy and nourishing product at the same time, delicate floral smell.
Mendes Elisabeth (confirmed customer)
Scented Candle Love Letters
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Candle that diffuses a delicious perfume, all gently, even extinguished! In addition, the glass is very thick, which makes it possible to put it on a piece of furniture without damaging it!
Alexandra Beuchon (confirmed customer)
"Precious Wood" Room Spray
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Beautiful, subtle and refined smell, thank you for the samples and the personalized way, much appreciated, we recommend you.
Anne (confirmed customer)
Côté Sud Parfum Body Lotion
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Great product ! Very pleasant smell, soft skin ..... a real pleasure
Anonymous (confirmed customer)
ÊTRE BIO Natural Shampoo
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Perfect for my hair, a delicate perfume that pleases the whole family, very beautiful discovery.
Mathieu B. (confirmed customer)
Bois Précieux Reed Diffuser
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It was our first order and the perfume chosen corresponds totally to our expectation. We are now curious to order the other fragrances. Impeccable service.
Bernard Gastaud (confirmed customer)
Majolica Gentle Shampoo
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Not only does it smell good, but, in addition, it is a great detangling shampoo and a body care that relaxes and moisturizes. A real delight!
Sarah T. (confirmed customer)
Majolica Gentle Shampoo
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Shampoo does not attack the hair, the smell is divine. Booking on the site is simple, delivery is fast and efficient. Thank you for the little handwritten word that warms the heart and makes you want to support you! See you soon!
Ludivine P. (confirmed customer)
Solid Shampoo Re SOURCE
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A wonderful discovery! My family was also able to enjoy it thanks to the individual format. I must say that I was quite doubtful at first because I had heard about it but I had never had the opportunity to test one. I highly recommend this product!


Responsibly made in France, with the finest ingredients.


+30 years of experience in the creation of French "Haute Parfumerie" fragrances.


Cosmetic formulations made of up to 98% ingredients of natural origin.