Hotel cosmetics

Are you looking to welcome your customers in a refined universe? Discover HD Fragrances, one of the leading French suppliers of hospitality products for luxury hotels and other properties.

Founded in 2009 by the French Perfumer Olivier Decoster, HD Fragrances is today a leading European niche provider for the luxury hospitality industry. HD Fragrances is headquartered in Eygalières France and partners with clients primarily in France and across Europe – from exclusive bed and breakfasts, luxury villas and boutique hotels, up market cruise lines to grand palaces – who appreciate our highly personalized service and are looking to differentiate their properties.

Our hospitality products are ethically made in France and Italy and distinguish themselves by their superior quality, their unique packaging and their exclusive fragrances designed by our perfumer.

We have become the new name synonymous with the very best in guest toiletries and amenities for the luxury hotel sector – whether it be a custom designed line or one of our signature collections.

Among our clients

The best partner for luxury hotels

Our hotel cosmetic solutions

Guest toiletries

Côté Sud Parfums "Orange Verte Néroli"



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ÊTRE Cosmetique

Côté Sud Parfums "Citrus of Calabria"

Our eco-dispenser systems

Side Press Dispensers

A hygienic and easy-to-maintain solution.

Phantom Dispensers

Elegant. Refillable. Discreet. Practical.

Eco-pump Dispensers

A classic, refillable and elegant solution.

Complementary products and services

Shampoing Solide Nourrissant pour les Cheveux et le Corps

2in1 solid shampoos

For your bathrooms, HD Fragrances offers collections of natural, plastic-free cosmetics with exclusive fragrances to ban single use plastic.

Tailor-made services

Subject to requesting the necessary quantities, we can create your range of personalized hospitality products.

Amenities and accessories

Complete your offering with our complimentary bathroom products (vanity sets, slippers, dental kits etc.) to fully satisfy your demanding customers.

Diffuseur de parfum avec bâtonnets

Reed diffusers

Perfume your rooms with a long-lasting fragrance while adding a decorative touch with our reed diffusers.

"Trigger" sprays

Perfume your rooms in a few sprays only with our refillable 250ml “trigger” spray.

Bath salts

Offer an exceptional stay for your customers and stand out with our bath salts made out of the 5 Bach flower essences.

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